SEP Entrepreneurship and Innovation LABS

An entrepreneurship incubator for young people, such as the Center for Youth Entrepreneurship and Innovation in Sierra Leone, would catalyze all these solutions and positive impacts. Members of this Center will be guided by trainers and mentors from the business community and through online education in collaboration with The Network University, The Netherlands (TNU) and the Institute for Management and Technology in Sierra Leone (IAMTECH). The lab aims to empower, enable, and equip 100 youth entrepreneurs per year through an online entrepreneurship programme, local business coaching, collaboration with domestic industry, and sharing of knowledge with business platforms in Freetown and beyond from the conviction that we are stronger together.

The following output will be achieved:

-100 innovative companies successfully set up by the participants (e.g. in ICT, textile and fashion, graphic design, agri-business). -Participants have learned entrepreneurial skills (strategy, research, budgeting, planning, networking, marketing, presentations, etc.) -the Center’s (tested and fine-tuned) model will serve as a blue print to be transplanted to other regions in Sierra Leone (via IAMTECH)

Annual Business Dinner!

This is a fundraising dinner that is organize to help selected young entrepreneur who have great business ideas and had been trained through Netherlands university online or on campus at IAMTECH but lack of funds to start their own business. The business dinner will help to boost our economy in Sierra Leone and reduce unemployed rate.

SEPSL opens Textile Institute(Tailoring Workshop)

Final Conference of a Students Entrepreneurship Programme held in Sierra Leone on 15th December 2011